Licensed in CA, NV and NM


Innovation, creativity, quality and outside the box thinking form the operating philosophy of Alpen Engineering.  We are a civil and structural engineering firm with multi disciplinary capabilities established in 1998 by Paul Laudenschlager , P.E., its principal engineer  and owner.  Alpen Engineering offers quality civil and structural engineering services to insure environmentally friendly, aesthetically beautiful and cost efficient projects.  

Structural expertise includes traditional timber framing, log homes, straw bale, advanced (stick) framing, structural insulated panels and insulated concrete forms.   We have a long background in structural design for green construction.  We promote use of green materials such as straw, timber and engineered wood where possible. 

We also specialize in making site development and roadway projects lie lightly on the land by minimizing grading, paving and tree removal and by fitting the project to the landscape.   We are experienced with BMP design.

We have very extensive experience in structural engineering in areas with heavy snow, high seismic loads and demanding building departments. Licensed in CA, NV & NM.


Contact:  Paul Laudenschlager, PE  530-582-9593 or email: Bio   Green Building